“Junsih” is Mandarin pronunciation of hypha, the smallest unit of fungi (mushroom) growth. Just like neurons in the human brain, where ideas spark endless possibilities, creating the world we know.

From hopes to ideas, one at a time, creating the conveniences we enjoy. From small details to big discoveries, we bring you the joyous simplicities of daily life!

Currently, our first product: JUST EASY – Mask bracket, originated back in 2020 when COVID-19 took the world by storm, significantly impacting people’s lives. Due to mandates, we are required to wear masks indoors and outdoors. As uncomfortable as it is, many complied to protect themselves as well as others. In Taiwan, everyone is wearing masks as we persevere through difficult times.

Junsih’s think tank thought: If everyone must wear masks, is there something we can do to make mask-wearing more comfortable AND enjoyable? So that while we can breathe like we use to, can “mask-wearing” become something fashionable? And so, we began a lengthy journey of brainstorming, innovating and modifying. Each and every discussion and changes made, serve to improve users’ quality of daily life. After numerous attempts at prototyping and revamps, JUST EASY mask bracket was finally born!/p>

We hope when you use our products, you will feel in addition to the enhanced quality of life, Junsih’s commitment and efforts to preserving the environment.

JUNSIH, Designing Your Life!


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